Stacking Boxes of Citrus

Citrus packing is all about protecting the fruit so it arrives to you clean, and as fresh as if you just picked the fruit from the tree.  Peace River follows a safe, scientifically sound, and time-tested process for postharvest care of citrus that keeps the fruit fresh and tasty.  Our process involves grading, washing, waxing, packing, and refrigeration.

  • Grading, where we remove any fruit that does not meet USDA Grade #1 standards
  • Washing the fruit gives it a nice appearance and ensures the peel is safe for consumption
  • Waxing with natural carnauba wax prevents the fruit from drying and prolongs shelf life
  • Packing is where we carefully package the citrus fruit into a bag or carton
  • Refrigeration at 38° F to lock in the freshness



Packers at Peace River Packing Company